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At the request of the 576th Engineer Company, the All American Corvette Club has shifted its support the USO Center at Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan.  We will now be helping to support the 450,000 service men and women that visit the center every year.

We Sent 116 Packages,

Weighing 907 lbs!!!

That's a almost a HALF TON!!!


The All American Corvette Club  is pleased to have had the privilege to support to the 576th Engineer Company deployed in Afghanistan.  Our platoon has requested that we sift our support to the USO center.


Message From Our platoon leader:


MR Martone,

  I would first off like to apologize to you for not responding to your very generous amount of care packages.  I am horrible about writing to people and hope you can forgive me.  Next I would love to thank you for the amount of support that we got from your organization.  Just so you know the scale of the support that you have contributed the care packages not only supported the platoon that you adopted it also supported the company that platoon belonged to as well as the marine units that we worked with and any other unit that was passing through and need any of the items that you had sent.  I am honored and deeply humbled by the amount of support that we received.  Its hard for me to comprehend that hard working Americans are willing to give up there time and money to help us.  I guess i just never thought that we (soldiers) were in the fronts of peoples minds and hearts like we are.  Thank you for opening my eyes to this.  I personally have never seen that what i do as important or extraordinary.  I see my self as an average person who goes to work everyday as yourself to support my family. Now I don't think that I could express to you the amount of thanks that every soldier and marine feels from knowing that there are people who think of us.


  Now I have an idea that you may or may not be interested in.  I have been moved to Kandahar Air Field and have been talking to the people who work there and am wonder if you would like to shift your support to them.  In doing this you would be supporting every person who is on K.A.F. Just so you have a heads up K.A.F. is one of the largest  installations in Afghanistan and has US Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines along with several other nations and a large civilian contractor population.  The person I have been talking to here is MR. Justin Espinoza and i gave him one of the letters that came in your care package so that they will also be able to contact you.  i will be thrilled if you are willing to do this as a partnership with the USO is one of the ultimate ways to help keep the troops going.  They are always trying to make the live of deployed service members easier and a little less stress full.  Let me know what you think and be expecting some sort of contact from the USO team here.  Thank you again for your support and though it means a lot to every last one of us.


SGT Kritikos, Michael R.

576 EN CO


Thank You

Troop Thanks 

Troop Thanks

USO Thanks



Find out how you can adopt you own platoon at adoptaplatoon.org.