Cruise Information – Please Read!

Important Notes

All Cruises, Runs, and Rallies are meant to be safe, law abiding and SUPER fun!!

Below are some notes to be aware of:

ALWAYS use your blinkers when changing lanes!
Never tailgate Рnobody is getting a trophy for arriving to our destination first. Be safe!


Realizing that technology is always advancing, at the present time, these are some of the best radios to use for car to car communication. Although not mandatory, it is highly encouraged that you bring one of the following 2-way radios that support CTCSS Privacy Codes. If you have another brand radio, it may not be compatible with Cobra.

Always check eBay, Amazon or Craigslist first to find cheap deals. Otherwise, the radios can be purchased from Best Buy.

Cobra CXR925

Cobra CXT390

Motorola T5500

Cobra CXT345