NGCA Spring Dust-Off Run

AACC is joining NGCA on their annual Spring Kick-Off Run to the Walpack Inn on April 7th.

Panera – 8AM

Rockaway Townsquare Mall – 9AM

If interested, leave a comment below.

**Exclusively Members Only and/or Guests**

Comments 3

  • I’m in!
    Maybe I can crack my windshield again… ?
    Also – Look out for the woodchucks! ~Dom

  • See you tomorrow!!

  • This was an excellent run. I followed Rich from NGCC, and the roads we followed were really fun to drive. Additionally, with a few Z06s and a ZR1, we might have exceeded the speed limit at the front of the pack at times. Safe, but really fun. Glad I attended. DS

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