Monthly archives: April, 2018

Celebrating 80 F Weather (Open Road)

We have not seen 80F temps on the weekend since early October. Let us go out and enjoy! Time: 1:30PM Place: Panera Bread on Route 4 West in Paramus, NJ and drive 80W to meet up with dariodelconte (CF) Route: Open Road Duration: 1 empty gas tank or close to it 🙂 CORVETTE BOYZ Channel!!!

Rockland Rodders Dust Off Cruise*

***4:30AM Update: Weather is cooperating today. High of 65F. The Cruise is ON!!!*** The “Rockland Rodders Dust-Off Run” to the Mt. Ivy Diner will take place on Sunday, April 22, 2018. We will be meeting at Panera’s at 9:00am and leave at 9:15am, arrive at Pacesetter Mall at 10:00am, and leave at 10:15am. *AACC & Rockland Rodders …

Pub 199 Cruise* NEW DATE

New Date: Sunday, April 29th Meet at the Fireplace on Route 17 North in Paramus at 11AM. We leave 11:15AM to drive to Pub 199. *AACC Members CONFIRMED: Dom (DS) Jim Milt and Marion Paul Rio Steve and Dora Weinstein Steve and Marion Laub Roy Steinwolf  

Mystic Village Cruise – Father’s Day 2018

June 17, 2018 (Rain or Shine) – Don’t forget your radios!! In coordination with the Northern Connecticut Posse, bullmarket (Dave)!!! New Jersey: Meet at Panera Bread (Route 4 in Paramus) at 7:30AM and drive to Mystic Sea Port, CT ( We’ll plan a rest stop about half way there. Shopping: Grab drinks and Lunch …